Justin 'juddy' Wootton

Juddy Juddy has been in the gym industry for a long time now. Having worked in the gym environment since he was 17, he had gained a diploma and Certificate in Exercise Science. He is currently the GM of Genesis Fitness in Remuera Having been an avid footy player over the years has helped in developing skills and knowledge, that easily transfer to training the average Joe and also the more serious competitors from all sports. With a 4 year career as a PT before heading overseas to travel and live in America, he came back to roost in Auckland after the call to kiwi land was to strong. Much like Jimmy he enjoys the harder more anaerobic based training schedules, always felt sprints and high intensity body weight exercises never hurt anyone. CrossFit then knocked on the door

"Since as early as I can remember I always was taught the rewards for putting in the effort when you exercise. My granddad told me 'Fitness is King' you want to enjoy life stay fit and never get lazy. He’s still knocking around now at 91. I always try to help people realise that the simplicity of the CrossFit method is creating ownership of your workouts and the direction you are heading with your personal health. CrossFit will add a lot of fun, some camaraderie, and the pathway to getting better. Even though I get stuck in the office, I enjoy getting outside in our box, throwing down the WODs, and having an active role in the fitness progression of RCF athletes. I couldn’t imagine ever getting sick of that. Fav WOD would be Helen as I think the run component keeps everyone honest and trying to push yourself as hard as you can on that can really help your time. Most hated movement would be ring dips as they seem to nail me faster than anything else. I guess that’s a work on."

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Clynton Janke

Clynton JankeI've been involved in sport since I was 5 years old when I played my first rugby match and have been an avid sportsman ever since.

Rugby was always my 1st choice sport and with rugby came the chance to play overseas in the UK where I spent 6 years playing for London Scottish Rugby Club. With rugby obviously came the gym work. And before long it was gym, running, swimming in the off season building for the rugby season. So throughout the year I was cross training, whenever I was not playing rugby I was preparing for it. When the time finally came to retire from a sport that had consumed my life for over 30 years, I took to coaching and got a new thrill out of passing down my knowledge gathered over the years, it gave me great pleasure seeing people become better rugby players.

Even though I was involved in the sport that I loved for so long it was tough for me not to be playing anymore, so needed to find a “replacement”.

I was approached and asked if I wanted to try out CrossFit. I had never heard about it but never being one to back down thought I would give it a try. So I went down for a workout when RCF first started, at first like everyone else I was overwhelmed by some of the movements especially the gymnastics part but Juddy convinced me to stick to it and it was a life changer. Being a big guy the bodyweight movements were tough but after a few years I am able to do things that I have never been able to do even at my fittest during my rugby playing days. CF has given me the team camaraderie that I had missed and a new competitiveness of trying to better myself every day. It wasn’t long after starting that I wanted to coach CF, I enrolled to get my Level 1 Certificate. Now I have the best of both worlds, getting the tough workouts I long for and helping others meet certain fitness, strength levels. Seeing someone get their first pull up, handstand push up or PRing with a weight and knowing that I was part of their success gives me great joy.

I love how you are always being tested and always getting better. We all have our weaknesses and strengths, CF there is no hiding and it makes you better. I encourage all to get into CF it’s the best all round fitness regime you will ever embark on.

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Daniel Groot

Daniel Groot Dan lives and breathes health and fitness every day. Since obtaining his Crossfit Level 1 coaching certification he has been converted from competitive sport to the crossfit way of life.

"Growing up I have always loved to stay active. People often associate health and fitness with the small minority of gym buffs and fitness models. I have come to realise that everybody is an athlete in their own right and I am in intent on helping people from all walks of life discover their inner athlete and achieve great results that flow from a healthy lifestyle. I use Crossfit styled training to enhance the capabilities of all those who want to see real results by achieving huge health and fitness benefits that I have seen Crossfit repeatedly deliver to so many people. My opinion is that Crossfit is the most elite exercise methodology out at the moment. It is a relatively new field in the Health and Fitness Industry which is continually gaining huge momentum worldwide. Crossfit is extremely beneficial as it helps to highlight (and improve!!) weaknesses. Crossfit is for everyone and if you have ever been shy to try it out I encourage you to give it a go. The worst that can happen is you will make a bunch of new friends, and hopefully that’s not too bad!"

Nira Ranasinghe

Nira Ranasinghe Nira is a qualified Personal Trainer and Crossfit certified Strength and Conditioning coach, with experience in some of New Zealand’s most well known training facilities. Originally from Sri Lanka and attending a school with a reputable sporting background, Nira built a career in professional sport, representing his country in international rugby for 5 years.

In 2010 Nira was introduced to CrossFit by a friend. The CrossFit philosophy, community and Niras personal focus on ensuring a challenging, interesting and fun regime for clients while meeting their needs and keeping them motivated drew him to training as a CrossFit coach. He received his CrossFit Training Certification in Crossfit Foundational Movements and Methodology in 2010. He was the former head coach at Reebok Franks Brothers CrossFit In Christchurch, one of the leading CrossFit affiliates in New Zealand, owned by Ben and Owen Franks (NZ All Blacks).

Currently his clients range from those wanting to stay fit and healthy to those requiring more intensive conditioning and training for the sports field. His specialist focus remains mobility and recovery programming with an aim to return athletes to elite level sport and performance. His clients have included New Zealand All Blacks Zac Guildford and Isreal Dagg. All his clients regardless of age, gender, experience and fitness levels see exceptional results from his unique combination of strength and mobility training. He has gained invaluable experience with interacting with some of the leading figures in CrossFit worldwide and in 2012 obtained a Sports Power Coach /club weightliftingLicence through the Australian weight lifting federation

Nira currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing social rugby and cricket, walks with his dog and travelling.

Craig Leonard

Nira Ranasinghe ‘While I was training as a personal trainer, the movie 300 came out and like every other guy that watched it I wanted to look like King Leonidas. Did some digging around on the net and saw what kind of training they did and also kept coming across a group called CrossFit doing the 300 workout. From there I found and searched for CrossFit in Auckland. At the time there were only 2 gyms! CrossFit New Zealand and CrossFit Auckland. CrossFit Auckland didn't have an actual gym at the time so I went along to CFNZ started training and eventually becoming an intern and a full time coach.

Fast forward a few years and I was in one of the positions of Head Coach and also drifted more towards strength training and olympic lifting. The strength club that I was running was always full and hugely popular with a waiting list for people to participate - because everyone that went through it got results. Bigger deadlifts, squats, presses but also improved technique. Watching someone PR after 10 weeks of consistent lifting is always rewarding.

Conditioning is important but I personally feel strength is the base quality for all athletic endeavours; the amount needed just changes for what you're doing.’