Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a WOD?

Typically a WOD is what we call our ‘workout of the day’. Because these vary every day, it is the workout of that particular day. Referring to them as a ‘WOD’ or ‘WOD April10th’ being the most recent workout. Measuring your workout performance and then re-measuring is a CrossFit fundamental.

Q. What happens in a typical training session?

A typical training session lasts 45mins to an hour. Some people turn up before the scheduled start time to perform extra warm-ups or skills practice, however there is no requirement to turn up early, with most people arriving punctually at the start time. The first 5-10 minutes are allocated to slow key warm-up. At about 10mins into the session we get together around the chalkboard and the lead coach goes through the workout and its format. Following the explanation there is typically a period of skills instruction and ability to practice the movement and gauge the particular weight loading involved. We debrief about the skill session and answer any questions before flowing into the group warm-up. During this time, people are usually organised into groups and the gym is setup for the workout. Once everyone is set, we get the “WOD” workout is underway. Click the timer and your against the clock and yourself!!some will finish before others but at RCF, we encourage the others on the finish and to make it to the end of the allocated WOD despite however much you may want to stop. After everyone is finished the workout, there is a short debrief and after the gear is put away, the session finishes with a 5-10min group stretch down.

Q. But what if I am not very fit?

Then you have come to the right place. Fitness is our currency. You will feel everyone is more advanced than you, and that you will look out of place, but you will not. The beginner course provides the fundamental movements, makes you skilled in them, and explains the CrossFit terminology and methods. From there you understand how to adjust or scale the workouts to your current fitness level, no matter how low that may be. A lot of people think they need to "I’ll get a little fitter first before I do CrossFit". We will build your fitness, all you need to do is turn up with a ‘can do’ attitude. The rest will sort itself out with commitment to getting better, and some grit. Without sounding cheesy, CrossFit is a journey, and we all have to start somewhere.

Q. What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can train in and shoes that are suitable for cross training style of exercise. A lot of people wear a flat-soled shoe for the strength based sessions (runners get a little unstable to squat in) and a cross-trainer or running shoe for the other sessions. Bring a water bottle and towel. We have a good first aid kit but it is also a good idea to have strapping tape in your kit bag. It is really useful for preventing blisters and shin scrapes.

Oh and don’t forget to bring the grit…